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  1. Morgan Evans the servant of John Harrison broker inhabiting in the parish of Christ’s Church without Newgate brought into this house the 26th day of April 1559 for that the same Morgan lewdly and disobediently behaved himself unto the wife of his said master and put in peril of life by striking with a knife one of his said Masters sons, and using other words of shameful and filthy report, and therefore was here committed to the close keeping of this house and should have been punished for his offences, but that his said master hath intreated at this present that we will be favourable unto him, which upon the submission of the said Morgan with hope of amendment, he was at this time released promising that hereafter he will so bear and behave himself during the days and hours that he shall remain in service of his said master, that he will not only at his return hence ask his said Masters forgiveness but will also while he liveth be aware that he abused not himself onto them or any of them this 17th of April 1559 in witness whereof the said Morgan hath here to submitted his mark. Thomas Hall the servant of George Green inhabiting in the parish of St Brides in Fleet Street brought into this house third day of May 1559 for that the said Thomas is a picking and miching [pilfering] varlet, and was therefore he examined of certain his lewd doings, but stubbornly he standeth in them and will not confess neither submit himself, and therefore was for this time committed to close prison. Elizabeth Marian alias Reynolds the wife of William Marian tailor inhabiting in Waltham Cross and now the wife of Henry Foster a common picker brought into this house 22 April 1559 and being examined hath confessed her naughtiness.

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